Safe Landings Donation

Category: News
Published on 17 February 2016
Written by Ted Fessides

On Tuesday February 16th, Tender Care Learning Center made a donation of household safey goods

to CTEMS to provide parents who participate in our Safe Landings program.  Deputy Chief Ted Fessides said "It is great to see the community get behind the program and understand that simple donations of goods like these can go along way to preventing accidental death and injury for our most vulnerable populations".  Tender Care is not the first outside organization to participate in the Safe Landings Program, Cribs for Kids the Pittsburgh SIDS Foundation provided CTEMS with Safe Sleep Education for their staff and a grant to provide safe sleeping surfaces to those in need. "It really does take a village to make sure children come up in a safe manner and we would much rather come to a parent's house for a Safe Landings visit then on an emergency call any day" stated Deputy Fessides.  For more info on Safe Landings please click here;